About Modus man

Shopping for a nice Shirt can be Hard Work, and can feel like visiting your Grandpa's Wardrobe: same old Boring Shirts & only the fabric changed! 

The Modus Man Slogan is: Against "boring" Shirts.

We strive to create a Destination where every shirt has that "Woaw" Effect. Like simple details that make a Big Difference: Reverse Fabrics, Buttons that are Not Round-Shaped, & a Fit that not only makes you Attractive, but Sophisticated!

Many guests who purchased from us since we launched (2008) are still loyal to the brand today. Once you try on a Modus Man Shirt, you will find it challenging to go back to the Average Shirt because it might be Too Boring! 

Do not take only our word, but instead, you should read how our guests Rate us (click here to see Reviews). 

The Latin Modus means “to measure”. This gave birth to the old French, “modus”, from which Fashion derives: “La Mode”.

* Warning: These Shirts might cause Problems in Your Relationship because You might Look Too Good!

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